Dr. Lauren J. Lieberman

Dr. Lauren J. Lieberman


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Welcome to the November/December 2017 Top Health and Fitness Professionals issue of Shine on Hollywood Magazine! The turkeys are long gone but more tantalizing feasts head our way in more ways than ever imagined, as we get our tummies ready for the holidays in the spirit of goodness, love and friendship, cherishing the company of family and loved ones as 2018 is sure to bring an awakening new of blessings and experiences. There’s never shortage of talent in Hollywood and around the world as we bring you closer to some of the hardest working professionals, whose heartfelt stories go beyond the red carpet, parties, glamour and limelight.



This issue we feature Dr. Lauren J. Lieberman, who from an early age helped her siblings surpass their learning disabilities, even as she struggled to stay focused in her studies. From an early age she immersed herself in an active lifestyle which paved the way for her career. After years spent in active outdoor camps, she dove academically into the Adapted Physical Education program at West Chester University, which was a founding step to her present endeavors. After experiencing the personal rewards of helping those less fortunate, she found purpose and become a teacher.

Amongst her greatest achievements, which are many, she established a program called Camp Abilities, where she helps the blind and visually impaired experience the joy and benefits of training camps, much as she did during her childhood and adolescence. The program provides kids who are blind and visually impaired the opportunity to cherish the sense of accomplishment in sports and physical activities, to challenge and overcoming uncertainty, and pass through the veil of the impossible and into the realm of accomplishment. Now, with over 20 Camp Abilities throughout the United States and around the world, that feeling of accomplishment is reciprocal. Lauren has written a wealth of research studies, books and ideas to promote awareness and insight into her field of study.

Our next guest is Kilian Fisher, who suffered tragic loss at an early age when his father ended his own life—a hardship that placed great burden on his shoulder as he struggled to persevere and lead his family, looking after his mother and siblings. The challenge awoke his innate business abilities, as he took charge of the daily needs of his household. The experience shaped him up to deal with the many unpredictable facets of life, including the near death experience of his wife.

Kilian Fisher

Kilian Fisher

His passion for swimming took him down a path of breakthroughs in the sport, and later becoming the CEO of the Irish Industry Association (ILAM), establishing government programs, and a database of fitness professionals in Ireland and around the world. His extensive experience has made him a member of the board at the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), the fitness industry’s only global trade association. Kilian now works with the team at the UNESCO Chair in Inclusive Fitness at Institute of Technology Tralee in Ireland, to launch and developing a program titled Universal Fitness Innovation & Transformation (UFIT),  which aims to increase fitness opportunities for people with disabilities by connecting health clubs with local disability service providers and allied professionals.

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The upcoming January 2018 issue will feature an emphasis on “Top Music Industry Professionals” and tribute to Margie Balter and Jarvee Hutcherson. Look for exclusive interviews with leading industry professionals. We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your feedback and continued support!



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