TN da Entertainer

Born and raised in Memphis, Tn. Artist, Producer, label executive is no stranger to the music business.


Back at it with his first released single “Float On”off his upcoming Dough Chasers Musik Vol. 1 mixtape to be released at the end of Summer 2017.

TN da Entertainer

TN da Entertainer

Prior to this release TN da Entertainer has been producing, mentoring, developing local talent in the city of Memphis whom have the same passion he has for music to build his future empire.


TN da Entertainer’s new single “Float On” tells the story about the everyday bullshit living in the city of Memphis that make you wanna fly away.

(Get high as hell a Float On ) most may choose to do just and some my choose literally to take a flight and get away! We all want to “Float On” at some point.








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TN da Entertainer

TN da Entertainer