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Welcome to the December 2015 issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM)! As we attend the bedazzling holiday parties and dinners here in Tinseltown, I want to pause and give thanks to all the good fortune we have here at SOHM. Each month, I oversee countless story meetings, phone calls and emails. Then I work with the talented SOHM team selecting feature ideas, approving layouts, choosing photographs and signing off on finished proofs. Hours of hard work are dedicated to bring you the final product and I am grateful for every minute of it. I wouldn’t want to spend my time doing anything else! I hear from our readers daily how much they enjoy the uplifting and inspirational stories we share from Hollywood void of gossip and politics. So, from the bottom of my heart, I THANK-YOU! I also feel so fortunate for the inspirational individuals whose stories we are able to share and this issue is no exception as we feature “Top Male Industry Professionals!”

This month’s cover story features world renowned flutist and music composer, Wouter Kellerman. His unique style of music has been described as adventurous, tender and spirited. He won a prestigious Grammy Award last year for his album, Winds of Samsara. All eyes will be on him at the 2106 Grammy Awards as this talented artist has been nominated once again. A truly captivating story.

This month’s issue also features a truly gifted costume designer, Andrea Sorrentino. He was born to create and worked on the Oscar-winning costumes for “Marie Antoinette” and “The Grant Budapest Hotel.”You won’t want to miss out on reading about his fascinating work.Finally, we are proud to feature the legendary make-up and hairstylist to the stars, Steve Erhardt. His client list includes the who’s who of Hollywood and his personal journey has been extraordinary.

We encourage them to “Let them be your motivation.”

SOHM remains a politics and gossip free publication with its focus on, Real People, Real Stories, from the Arts and Pop Culture Community who make a difference by giving back, and we are delighted to share their heart-felt stories with you. We will continue to provide the industry’s foremost creative meeting place with monthly showcases, news, opinions, analysis, and audience feedback.

The upcoming January 2016 issue will feature “Top Women Industry Professionals.” Look for exclusive interviews with notable leaders in this industry. We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your feedback and continued support!

Furthermore, our digital format has enabled an average of 26.6 million viewers in 60 countries throughout 2014 worldwide. This growth has been tremendous and continues to delight everyone that’s involved in assembling the publication.

The hard work in the features promoted, the layout of the magazine and the artistic quality that’s demonstrated every month, is a testament of the devotion we have, in offering you a publication nowhere to be seen on the market today.

In order to keep the integrity of our magazine beyond any attempt of manipulation from outside sources, we are asking for your support. We are asking for donations of any amount in order to keep SOHM alive and thriving!

Since the first day of operation, we have been on a shoe string budget and bartering with other companies to help us with the costs that are required for an online digital publication. After 3 years under our belt, the future and the success of Shine on Hollywood Magazine rests on the generosity of our faithful readers across the globe. We have made a difference by our sincere efforts in offering a unique publication where politics, gossip and prurient content are not included. The only focus SOHM has is to enlighten our readers to enjoy and come to a realization, the entertainment industry in Hollywood and worldwide is reflective of a spirit where talent is universal. Our reward through your contributions will continue the desire we all have, to make our magazine a force for good.

Shine on Hollywood Magazine – Wouter Kellerman

Wouter Kellerman

Wouter Kellerman


Wouter Kellerman music

Wouter Kellerman music