Strangely Alright

Strangely Alright

Strangely Alright is a 5 piece Power Pop Band from the Seattle, WA area that has, as Rockford Rowley from The Weekly Volcano says, “an undeniable emotional appeal. Ringing, triumphant chords and lyrics that allude to conquered tribulations immediately make the music relatable to everyone. Their song,“Crying Shame” was nominated for the 2013 NWME Song of the Year in the alt/classic rock category and recently SA’s music was included on the hit Seattle sketch comedy show “The 206″..Regan Lane’s 80’s pop star experience, Ken Schaff”s driving hard rock influences, Preston Darvill’s late 90’s heavy hitting grunge love affair, Ray Hayden’s keyboard crush on all things prog rock and Sean Van Dommelen’s crunchy white boy blues, all collide together creating their unique raw, energetic, sound deep seated with emotion. Lane’s charismatic presence and ability to get asses out of their seats and the underlying lyrical message of hope, empathy, and love live up to the title of the band’s newest single, I SEE THE SUN, a catchy emotional rock ballad!


Strangely Alright – Come On

Seattle, WA-Some bands have the image of being out on the edge, a little bit dangerous and having a not caring about anyone or anything attitude (expect Bono.) All the members of Strangely Alright are parents, so they’ve set aside that nonsense at this stage of the game. Believing we are all mirrors, they figure they should probably reflect who they really are. So SA is… Parents That Rock…

The fact that some members of the strangely clan are in recovery brings to mind the reality that people can find what was once lost. Time can have a tricky way of beating people down and telling them to forget who they wanted to be and who they are. Sometimes our kids can show us how we used to dream and what we should be like now. Regan’s daughter inspires him, so he wrote a song about her. That’s it.

I See The Sun is an epic rock ballad and a heartfelt ode to the inspiration, direction and belief that our children can give life. By the time it ends it sounds almost like G and R and The Beatles are collaborating AND battling for control of the SA musical universe.. The words I BELIEVE are repeated on the song’s closeout, as if a reminder of the faith it takes to keep moving forward… Believe in ourselves, our children, the power of love and the future. SA says, “Why not, huh?”

So continuing into 2015, Strangely Alright has implemented a somewhat different strategy for the band. This is their second single in the energetic scheme to release a new single and video every two months this year. Hopefully each song will be different and cool with it’s own unique vibe and story. And maybe you’ll like what you hear.