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We have recently applied for grants , and we need 250 votes in order to get approved and go to the next step of competition , sponsored by Chase. Please go by this link , log in with your Facebbok account , put Sweet Rains Records  in a new search window, and after you see it press the Vote button. That’s it! Will take you a minute of your precious time , but in a mean time it will tremendously help our company to get on a next level . Thank you so much , we’d really appreciate your vote. It means a world to us!
Sweet Rains Records LLC  ( www.sweetrains.com ) has been a home to many artists around the globe , today we represent over 400 artists globally , and we’re totally swamped with the requests , amount of work and pressure , we’re understaffed and after all we work for FREE in many cases. All we want to see is YOUR music being available globally and properly promoted. We always work on YOUR side , now we need YOU to be on ours. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to DM us or use a contact form on our page. Thanks again and hope you will voice your choice soon!


Iggy Kisil


Please vote for Sweet Rains Records LLC here:

I’m CEO and a founder of  Sweet Rains Records , we’re a home to many artists around the globe , including those, who’s talents we’ve discovered a couple of years ago . Since then , we’ve been developing their careers in many aspects, such as songwriting , music and video production and social media appearance. Currently we have signed over 400 artists , and we’re known for providing free distribution and promotion services to the artists who we personally discovered . 
I thought you might be interested to hear our  story , as I have immigrated to States back in 1989 , after a very successful career of a songwriter and musician in my native country Russia (performed over 200 venues , stadiums , arenas and so on).
I’ve established a new record label here , first in LA, then here in NY , worked as a music producer and remixer for many artists , including Amber, Rihanna , Carl Perkins , Roy Clark , simultaneously running a label and production company with several Billboard hits . My music has appeared several times in major movie blockbusters with Morgan Freemen , Antonio Banderas , Maximilian Schell , just to name a few. As we speak , I’m signing a new license for my old song “Friends” , which has been picked up for a new movie “Triple Nine” , scheduled for the release in September , 2015. 
In order to reach out to a larger audiences and continue provide our studio artists with free distribution and promotional services, we’ve launched a fundraising campaign , initiated by Chase Bank’s Mission Main Street Grants (https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/) , supported by all media , Linkedin and Facebook among others . We need to collect at least 250 votes in order to be eligible for a grant . At this point , we’re reaching out to our fans on social networks and media to see if we could get a support for this campaign . 
We’re really unique and now need all the support we could get in order to continue providing our services to all the artists and communities and I think our role is pretty important now . As we run a company by a very small team , we’re understaffed and work around the clock to maintain our services up and running 7/24/365. It would be vital for us to receive a support and possibly a grant from Chase. 



Sweet Rains Records

Sweet Rains Records