Jiquon Jones (born March 26, 1985) better known by his stage name Elo or simply E, is an American hip hop recording artist from Flint, Michigan.

He is a founding member of the legendary rap group Rough Edges. Jiquon started rapping in middle-school which leads to him meeting the producer behind the sound of Rough Edges, Marlin “Mahl” Hemphill. During his days in middle school he also met another founding member Augustus “Boo” Tyler.

During these days in Flint there was a popular talent show that is held every year called the Super Show.

Needing somewhere to record their music for the Super Show, E and Mahl decided to get with Boo and his squad who was known to have their own studio.

Months leading up to the Super  show the decision was made to form the group Rough Edges. Rough Edges released the classic “All or Nothing”, which featured the street anthem “Don’t Make a Move.

This album quickly got the attention of the streets and people started buzzing about this group from Flint.

Their new success was halted due to some of the members being incarcerated.

At this time E and Marlin was constantly in the studio recording. In 2004 saw the 3rd and final release from the group tilted ”Comin Down Hard” which featured the versatility of the group This album was released under the Civik Entertainment imprint.

The album was produced entirely by Mahl. During the next couple of years Elo and Rough Edges went on a short hiatus to focus on personal issues. In 2009 marked the year the Tru2Life Mafia was imprint was started.

The Mafia consisted of over 10 members which included all the members of Rough Edges and debut the new members “Dufflebag Dirty” Ken Scales” and “Fresh Money” to the movement.

In 2010 Elo released “King of the Trap” under the Tru2Life imprint which featured the street banger “Colors” produced by Mahl.

This song featured Elo’s laid back flow on top of Marlin’s laden production style and their sound is undeniably rich in sound and relevance.

What separates Elo from other artists is that he has his own sound that has been crafted and perfected.

With having over 400 songs to date and the lifestyle that involves recording daily, is proof that he has what it takes to be a successful artist in the music industry.

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