Irish/Italian Exclusive Inventor, Composer Artist Musician Writer Producer Performer Arranger & Video Editor of Unique and Innovative Melodic Metamorphic Metaphoric Modern Progressive Heavy Hard Catchy Memoarable Popular Rock Music !! that exists on a new dimension and approach, from the mainstream you’ve heard before..absent of the obvious stereo-typically expected over-used Rock clichés, delivering in harmony, melodies to catch both the intrigue of the mind and the pleasing of the ear, somehow uplifting with unclear disguise, satisfying the required qualifications for not only fans of Rock Music, but music itself..
Open your ears and open your mind, see what you hear, you won’t forget what you find.. This is Different.. Here he is.. this is only the beginning of what he can do.. ..the 1st chapter.. either you like it or either you don’t.. what else truly matters..? for now..
This is different..this you gotta hear…

I am your Shadow


“Sometimes Never Comes Soon”