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I just did a remix of DJ Ralph Myerz “Do The Damn Thang” featuring Snoop, George Clinton, Nipsey Hu$$Le, Da Younfellaz, Ciscoe and Nicki Noelle that is currently in 5th place in the Beatport Play Remix Competition.  Beatport provided the stems for the song, and the winning remix will come out on the  Disco Pinata label.  Please take a moment and support me by listening to and voting for my remix.  Voting closes on the 6th, so every vote counts and your help is appreciated…..Happy New Year and thanks again,    JD  

Please copy the link below into your browser to participate:


JDVisionquest3000 is a music producer, recording artist, and songwriter interested in the future of music, music production, and working with talented artists and performers. JD has many music credits in film and t.v., and has worked with independent and signed artists since 2008. Also since 2008 JD has worked with Ohio hip hop artist Nate Sylak, who he signed to a production deal. Starting in 2012, JD will be launching the 3000 Music imprint, for which Sylak will be the flagship artist.
“As a music producer in the modern age my main duties include providing the artist with songs/beats that move and motivate them to perform to their greatest ability. Once the song is written my job is to make sure it is recorded with all the latest technology, so the song can sonically keep up with the never ending trends that have become common in today’s music production. After the song is recorded, my job is to make sure the mixing, arranging, and mastering is done properly so what the listener hears is a professional sound.

At times my role as producer also includes the packaging and promotion of the artist. This can include photo shoots, artwork, design and coordinating the physical release of the final product. Sometimes my duties will extend to promoting the release in the media/press to drive sales. The end result is a song that has the largest number of possibilities including digital sales and downloads, placement in film/t.v. and other forms of licensing such as web, commercial and compilations.”–JDVQ3000