Tune City

Tune City

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The TUNECITY.COM® opportunity is free for all to participate (both Artists & Distributors).

First, you sign up as an artist and as a distributor with TUNECITY.COM® and upload one song from your catalogue. We will then create you a personalized band page and you can immediately begin sharing that page with your existing fan base. Those fans will sign up with TUNECITY.COM® and begin marketing your music for you (your first level). Now, in turn, your fans will tell their friends about TUNECITY.COM® (creating your second level). The second level group will share TUNECITY.COM® with their friends and the cycle continues.

There are no limitations to the number of people you can have on your first level, and you can build up to seven levels deep. Regardless of whether your fan base is small or large, your organization has huge growth potential.

Moreover, on top of the royalties that you will earn as an Artist from the sale of your personal music, you will also earn commissions from all the other music purchases within your entire organization up to seven levels deep.

Additionally, every month on our homepage, we feature a handful of artists within each country to all the music lovers and distributors within that country. Artists will also get to compete on a monthly basis for additional cash prizes that will be awarded to the top 3 artists downloaded that month within each country. In short, TUNECITY.COM® offers the Artist the best of both worlds; a healthy royalty (40% of album and song sales) plus promotions to new potential listeners. Plus, whenever you tell an artist about the website and they sign up (and list you as the recruiting distributor) you will receive a 1% recruiting commission off of that artists total sales with TUNECITY.COM®. That artist would now be on your first level and any fans they bring with them will be in your down line.
This recruiting commission is ongoing as long as that artist is selling their music with TUNECITY.COM®.


The new artist should always sign up using the link that you send them (example: yourusername.tunecity.com). However, if an artist signs up on the main tunecity.com website, that artist MUST then list you as the referring distributor using your distributor number in order for you to receive the credit as the recruiter. If they go directly to the main TuneCity.com webpage and sign up without letting us know who sent them you will NOT be credited as the referring distributor. In other words, we want to encourage artists to credit the person who shared TUNECITY.COM® with them by ensuring that they enter the correct distributor # when signing up. This again, is ONLY an issue if the artist signs up on the corporate site and doesn’t use the link you sent them.


If you refer us to a company that wants to Advertise with TUNECITY.COM®, we will pay you an ongoing referral commission every time that company advertises with us. Just have the interested party or company send us an email (make sure they let us know who referred them in that email) and we’ll take it from there.