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As a young man Matthew was always drawn to the sights and sounds of music. It didn’t hurt that most of his family were musicians and valued the art of it. His uncles for starters, used to perform at family functions and Matt was drawn to their talent. He soon would pick up the guitar at eight years old and would learn to master it.He was raised in Toms River, New Jersey but soon was uprooted to Charlottesville, Virginia. The adjustment process from fast paced New Jersey to slow moving Virginia was hard for Matthew but he soon adapted. After making many friends in Virginia he soon settled into the laid back lifestyle. At this time of his life he wanted to dig his feet in to focus and develop as a musician and hone in on his talents. He soon would join forces with close friend Chris Daughtry and form a band. They named their first band “Benign” which later changed to the name “Cadence”. They performed in Lake Monticello and Palmyra, Virginia. Chris would end up being a contestant on American Idol.

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Bing Crosby – White Christmas (Cover by Matthew Schultz)